In-Person Equine Workshops

Pathology and Ponies is now offering in-person workshops! These workshops are perfect for any horsey person, from Pony Club to horse-loving adults.

Anatomy Workshop

The workshops are set up as a self-guided, hands-on and interactive experience, guiding participants through a variety of equine anatomy, physiology, and disease topics. The workshop is currently a 3-4 hour experience depending on how long participants take at each station.

Activities include:

  • Modelling tendons of the lower limb
  • Labeling a horse skull and aging horses by their teeth
  • Gastrointestinal anatomy and types of colic featuring a crochet GI tract
  • Using your knowledge of the skeleton to identify X-rays and label the bones
  • Examining (and poking!) a real dissected horse limb!
  • Labeling the muscles of the horse
  • Examining a real horse heart, demonstrating heart function and learning how ECGs work
  • Learning about the sugar content of different feeds and showing how horses with EMS develop insulin resistance
  • Formulating balanced diets for 6 different types of horses
  • Looking at anatomical specimens of various internal organs and learning about their functions!

This workshop is suitable for up to 50 people. If you have ideas for other types of anatomy your group wants to learn about, feel free to make requests!

Made me actually enjoy learning about anatomy!

This was amazing! Really, really cool and educational.

Amazing, a highlight of the day! Loved how hands on it was.

Dissection Days

Participating in a dissection of a whole horse is an awesome learning experience for any horse person! Madison is available to walk participants through the dissection process, show them interesting features of equine anatomy, and discuss diseases and conditions of horses.

These workshops are recommended for between 10-12 people, to ensure that everyone gets hands-on experience. Dissections are a whole day process. Clinic organizers must coordinate acquisition, euthanasia, and disposal of the horse.

Veterinary Medicine Lectures

Madison is also available to give lectures on any equine veterinary topic that your group may be interested in. These lectures can be combined with one of the other workshops to make a full-day experience! Example topics include:

  • Lameness, including common causes, treatment options, etc
  • Reproduction, particularly early foal health and spontaneous abortions
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Metabolic and endocrine disorders (PPID, equine metabolic disorder, etc)

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